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carrot & stick


Lyrics and vocals by Suzy X from Shady Hawkins

"Little white dress. Jesus Christ had a best friend in Magdalene. You can’t say shit that would make me ashamed. I’ll cover up my knees. Forgive me PLEASE. I am just fourteen but your church don’t like my body. Make me hide my skin, sweating sin through my cardigan. You won’t break your bread now that your god don’t like me.”

Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice

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Jungbluth - A Vague Memory

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VACCINE - Rotting Away

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American History X (1998)

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Total Abuse - Beg

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Rectal Hygienics - Hoard of Violence

Beach House - Walk In The Park

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Saetia - One Dying Wish

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Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Crawl

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ANNE - Lower Faiths.

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